Benvenuti! Nita from 1920s


My life included secretarial, medical and WWII bomber work—a "Rosie the Riveter". Military Wife, Mom and Grandmother.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Benvenuti! Nita from 1920s

Benvenuti! Nita from 1920sIt has been some time since I have entered a new blog to my collection, however, prompted by my frustration, which comes easy in mid 80's, I will try again.
So close to the Easter holiday, and I can think only of water problems due to my new $1000 hot water tank, I am sure it was a rip-off. Brand new pipes, brand new tank brand new furnace and air conditioner, and my faucet drinking water is awful,! Wish I had my old tank back, never had that problem, Bought a faucet water purifier today, installed it and boiled some water to see results. A hugh crean colored ring on inside of my pans is there! Used that same water to boil it again in another pan ( playing scientist, I wish) Ring was not as much, pan much ckeaner. Rushed to the store again for bottled water until next week , when I will have the city check it out. I would rather be coloring eggs, or baking some glucky concoctions for my terrier, which she loves. No, not with undesirable water, we will wait. Really, I do like Easter, and hate to be so preoccupied. I can just see my kitchen Sunday when I am trying to prepare Easter dinner for my family, and being concientious about using bottled water to wash veggies, and boil Pasta. Happy Easter Comments anyone?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Saint Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

spring weather today

Spring weather and garden catalogs seem to go together. My mail is packed with beautiful flowering pictures of plants, veggies, flowers, trees. The mood is right for thinking garden. This nice weather really sets the scene.
Tomato trees and long climbing tomato vines look interesting, never tried them have you? Mine are plain old tomato plants, not complaining.

My parents planted artichokes, cardoons. that I would like to try my skills with this year. The plant itself is attractive, and large and requires space. Has anyone out there some input about these plants raising them in gardens?

Time for my break, and my cup of Mint Tea. Mint raised from my own garden and dried and produced into Mint Tea, truly deliciious! Nita

Monday, March 06, 2006

Roberto Ferruzzi artist of Madonnina

Ferruzzi's first exhibition of the painting was in Venice Italy, in 1897. Roberto Ferruzzi's beautiful painting of the "Madonnina" was given to me by my daughter Maria. Her boss brought it back with him from a recent trip to Italy. It is very beautiful, and she asked me to do some research about the painting.

Apparently, the painting has been referred to with several names. Another title used has been "Madonna of the Streets." However, there was some resentment from the town's people that the title was not appropriate, because of the connection of Madonna and streets. The name "Madonnina" refers to "little mother." because she is holding a child. The child she is holding was her baby brother.

Sister Angela Marie Bovo a Catholic nun from the Order of St. Joseph of Carondelet, discovered the "Madonnina" in the picture was her mother, and began her search about the picture.

The St. Anthony Messenger magazine published a story relative to history of the picture. January 2000 issue.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

World War II

Thanks for your good wishes to me for my blog.

Working on bombers during world war II, was an experience I will never forget. We went to school graduated, had white collar jobs, and all was forgotten when I found my self working in a noisy factory because there was a war on. Security was a priority in everything, we wore factory uniforms, our hair had to be covered. We were like soldiers. Movie stars would visit us and pep rally us with jokes, etc. Walter Pidgeon was great, he made us girls feel like we were very important, and there were pictures taken for memories. We were allowed only one entrance into the factory and the same exit. Friends were made for a life time. Some of us still exist with fond memories.

Another thing about the real job of bombers in front of us all day and night, we worked long over time hours on those monsters, and the pay was good. It did something to my love for planes. I will never be the same, every time I get close to a jet liner or a modest plane , I remember what parts they are made of, and transporting people by the hundreds at a time, airborne, beautiful into the sky. I think we felt safer in those days, we went to work, we had a job to do, and it was a success. Our efforts proved to be worthy. Ciao Nita from the 1920s

Friday, February 03, 2006


Am looking for information on starting an Avocado plant from the Avocado stone in the Avocado.
My sister many years ago was very successful with her Avocado plant and also the Pineapple.
One of my hobbies is starting plants with their own stone or pod.
One of my friends has a beautiful orange tree in their sunroom that produces oranges,Plants

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My granddaughters birthday she is not yet in her teens, but plays a great game of volley ball for her school and does most of the scoring with her agility. My other granddaughter is a computer wizard, I think she should be known for her computer technology skills, but that is because I am her Gramma.

Today had so much in the news that frustration was the word. The whale that found himself in the Thames River, did not survive the good efforts to save him and get him back to his own environment.

Men trapped in Mines again! Terrorist's threats! Michigan's storm watch for Friday and Saturday.
Our area was lucky enough to be spared of heavy snow cover.

Should I head for the refrigerator and devour everything? I think not! Self control is the priority.
Ah, here comes my family to see what Gramma is writing in the computer. Welcome!
Apparently all is OK.
Who could ask for more? I could but I won't.

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